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What to Expect from a Massage Session

If you've never had a massage before, you may want to review this information.

After our initial conversation by phone, I will send you an intake form via email. If you book with less than 24 hours you will fill out the intake form at my office. The form gives me your basic contact information and a general health picture. You will inform me of any issues you may be experiencing - tight shoulders, sciatica pain, recent surgery or procedures, etc.

It is important to disclose any food sensitivities you may have; I use organic oils and creams that may contain almond oil, coconut, avocado, olive, sunflower, etc.

Directions to my office are readily on Google, or check on my "contact" page for the google map.

2030 Straits Turnpike is on the Middlebury/Watertown line off exit 17- I-84. Please turn onto Turnpike Drive, and pull into the parking lot on the left. Use the entrance for the second level. The building is very small -- and round -- yes, round! You will find my office easily, my door is labeled. Come into my waiting room and have a seat, if I am in session the treatment room will be shut, but typically i book with plenty of time between clients so that is rare.

Once you enter the massage room I offer you privacy to prepare for your session. Please remove all jewelry around hands, wrists, ears and neck. Please detach yourself from your cellphone (chuckle) and allow yourself relaxation time - this your time to devote to your well-being.

Your job is to communicate any discomfort you are feeling from too much pressure (or not enough), or muscle spasms during the massage. And other than that, relax. Don't "help" me move your arm, leg or neck, unless I ask you to. Just relax as best possible. If you fall asleep, enjoy the rest – your body obviously needs it.

I offer full sessions of hands-on booked time. So if you book a 60 minute session, the initial intake time doesn't count toward the actual massage session time. Typically, we have a 5 to 10 minute pre-session chat, the massage session, and the post session time to chat about stretches and self care, pay for the session, restroom visit, and discuss your next appointment. All that usually takes 10 minutes or so.

I book my clients with enough time in between to give the time you need to not feel rushed. Time to schedule your massage session!

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