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Massage for Palliative Care

eileen correia massage therapy

I've been providing hospice care for about five years now; hospice massage has been part of my practice since working for the VITAs Hospice Care Program. It is humbling, rewarding, emotionally gratifying, and I feel honored to help patients in their last stage of life. The people I meet are amazing.

Hospice massage offers patients gentle touch and relief from body aches and pains, as well as calming , anxiety relief and a better sleep. In some cases, the personal company in of itself is so uplifting, especially for patients in facilities not local to their family.

The patients have different needs depending on their medical condition and rarely do i give a traditional table massage. I offer a lighter massage for head, neck and back, hands, and feet. Patients usually remain clothed and I typically work on them where they are situated; in their bed, wheel chair, lounge chair, or community room at a nursing home. The time and frequency depends on the patient, and it will vary. A doctor's case review and approval must be obtained before massage can take place.

I have worked with cancer patients, ALS and Parkinson's sufferers, etc. As long as there is a doctor's approval for massage and a patient's desire to try massage, I welcome the chance to help.

I am available to massage clients in nursing homes for rehab as well as home visits, as long as there is a Doctor's approval.

Contact me if you have a loved one that needs a gentle touch.

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